Omar Hassan

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Image Result For Omar Hassan

  • Omar Hassan

    Omar Hassan was born in Milan on the th of March , with Italian and Egyptian origins. He held his first solo exhibition in Japan in , before graduating from the Brera Academy of Arts in . Hassan was drawn to spray art as a child when he began to experiment on different surfaces in .

  • Omar Al Bashir Wikipedia

    Omar Hassan Ahmad al Bashir Arabic , pronounced born is a Sudanese politician who is currently the seventh president of Sudan and head of the National Congress Party.He came to power in when, as a briga.r in the Sudanese Army, he led a group of officers in a military coup that ousted the democratically elected government of .

  • Yasin Hassan Omar Wikipedia

    Yasin Hassan Omar sometimes spelt Yassin born was convicted for his role in the attempted Julys on London’s public transport system.He was found guilty of attempting to detonate a device on the London Underground Victoria line tube train between Warren Street and Oxford Circus tube stations. In August police gave his age as after his arrest..

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    Please use this website to get more acquainted with the Swahili language and culture. Please use the navigation bar on the left to view a page of your interest..

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